The Athens Health Network is a community nonprofit organization dedicating to improving health for all Athenians, but especially those living in poverty. We connect healthcare, community, and university leaders, provide education and training on health and wellness topics, and collect data on health status, services, resources, and assets. We are dedicated to ending the cycle of persistent poverty and creating a healthy Athens for everyone.

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Community Health Partners Work to Improve Health Throughout Athens

Healthy Living Training, Spring 2014

Since 2012, the Athens Health Network has trained almost 60 community members to be health leaders in Athens. They receive in-depth training on health and wellness issues such as chronic and infectious disease prevention, domestic violence, substance abuse, whole person wellness, and the safety-net of medical and service providers in Athens.

Recently, a group of Community Health Partners began participating in a Healthy Living Program at the Athens Community Council on Aging (ACCA). They received training on health literacy, chronic diseases among older adults, and several health coaching tools. Over the next few weeks, these Community Health Partners will be paired with participants in ACCA’s Healthy Living Program to act as health coaches for their partner. The pairs will work together to improve communication between partners and their medical providers, and make small, appropriate health behavior changes.

Elsewhere, our Community Health Partners are checking blood sugar at health fairs, leading cooking demos at their churches, and talking to their friends, neighbors, and coworkers about healthy lifestyles. We are so grateful for these inspiring leaders, and cannot wait to see what they’ll do next!

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